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Sports Dentistry

Young Boy Playing Baseball

Injuries to the teeth and mouth are common in children who play sports.

Common Sports-Related Dental Injuries

Knocked out tooth:

  • If a permanent tooth is knocked out, you need to get to the dentist as soon as possible. After 30 minutes, it can be very difficult or impossible to re-implant the tooth.
  • Do not try to re-implant it on your own.
  • Transport the tooth in cold milk, saliva, saline, or water. Don’t let it dry out and don’t wrap it up.
  • Don’t touch the root of the tooth, handle it only by the crown.

Tooth chipped/cracked:

  • If the chip or crack exposes the pulp of the tooth, get to our office immediately.
  • We will use an X-ray to determine the necessary treatment.

How To Prevent Sports-Related Dental Injury

We make custom-fitted mouthguards that offer full protection and total comfort for your child. Call and ask for an appointment to get yours!
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