General Dentistry

Common Procedures

Our emphasis is on your whole-body system. That includes your joints and muscles, emotional health, even your behavioral and lifestyle choices. Our work isn’t about your individual teeth, but about your entire health and well-being.

Headache Symptoms & Causes​

We offer TruDenta® treatment for patients suffering from chronic head-pain. Headache and other head-pain symptoms may result from force imbalances that affect blood vessels, muscles, and nerves in the head, face, and neck areas.

Pediatric Dental Emergencies

If your child breaks or chips their tooth, try your best to locate and save the tooth fragment that broke off, as we may be able to reattach it. If not, we can produce an artificial replacement.

Cracked Teeth

Your teeth can be cracked from excessive clenching, grinding, chewing hard food, or from an injury.

Traumatic Dental Injuries​

Accidents happen. Dental injuries can occur in children and adults alike, causes ranging from sports to automobile crashes. If you’ve had a traumatic dental injury, even if it appears to be mild, you should visit us immediately so we can make sure the damage is treated correctly.