Dr. Kim: “Prevention Is The Goal”

Dr. Kim: “Prevention Is The Goal”

Prevention is probably an over-used word in dentistry. But, for us, it is the word we care about the most. Sure, we can help patients to correct dental issues (that is, after-all an important aspect of what we do), but our real joy, the thing that motivates us to do what we do, is helping a patient to prevent an issue from happening in the first place. We believe it is our responsibility to help our patients be proactive in their own oral health.

While attending a symposium for head and facial pain, I was reminded of another important piece to prevention: make sure to look at the whole picture. In the room with me where experts from all kinds of disciplines such as neurology, oral surgery, and dentistry. Each had his or her own way of addressing a patient who was exhibiting head and facial pain. Although each had very important points, the real power came from combining their findings. Looking at the whole picture, you’re more easily able to make recommendations to prevent future problems. That’s what we try to do for our patients each day.

Understanding your risk factors matters, too. Some patients are just born with great dental genetics. They can go long periods of time without dental cleanings and still have extremely healthy teeth and gums. Other patients have weak teeth in their genetic makeup and may need to work a little harder at maintaining their health. Behavioral choices (what you eat or drink, for example) and lifestyle choices (such as the amount of sleep you get or stress you have) impact us all in terms of our health.

What’s exciting to us at East End Dental, is that we get the opportunity to have this “partnership” with our patients. We educate our patients, work with them to help change behaviors and risk factors, and, together, we can improve their health long-term. Prevention may be an overused word in dentistry, but we’re grateful to be able to talk about it every day with our patients.

Dedicated To Your Oral Health,

Dr. Yoon Kim